Taborno: Share the traditions

The Taborno hamlet is located on the crest of one of the mightiest gorges Anaga, Afur. In this village observe the evolution of traditional Canarian architecture and human adaptation to this rural. One of the activities of great importance from the aboriginal time has been grazing that has marked the daily life of the inhabitants of Taborno. In a pen and see how you milk cheese made using traditional enjoying a small taste. Linked to the daily life of the shepherds develops a particular technique, that lets you navigate quickly through these places as wild. In a display of Salto del Pastor will show different jumps.


  • Duration: 4:30 h ( 3:30 h caminata + transfer time )
  • Distance: 4, 41 km
  • Ramp: 90 m
  • Difficulty: drop

MEETING PLACE AND TIME: Cruz del Carmen to the 9 h

PRICE: 25€


Proper footwear, Sun protection, cap, water