El Batan: Route of trades

During our tour we will know different trades that have taken place in El Batan along its history as one of them that gave the village its name. Others like scree, beekeepers, farmers, livestock, washerwomen, gangocheras ..., have given life to one of the most picturesque valleys of Anaga. In the era, front of the cave of flax, do a tasting to let you know the products of the area and contribute to local development.


  • Duration: 4 h ( 3:20 h approx. walk + transfer time )
  • Distance: 3 km (circular)
  • Ramp: 342 m
  • Difficulty: drop- media

MEETING PLACE AND TIME: Cruz del Carmen to the 9:00 h

PRICE: 25 €


Proper footwear, Sun protection, cap, water