“Laurel trees in Hoya del Laurel”


Workshop, circular route that begins in the church square of Pedro Alvarez and invites you to learn about tree species found in the laurel Tegueste in the area known as La Hoya del Laurel. The Anaga Rural Park for their guidance benefits from the influence of the humid winds from the NE, trade winds, they provide the necessary moisture for the settlement of numerous species. The laurel forests that covered much of Europe and North Africa before the glaciations, took refuge in the islands by the influence of the mild and humid climate which has allowed these forests persist until today. Of 19 tree species that inhabit this ecosystem, in our journey note 11, including highlight the presence of Laurel, Lsteam novocanariensis, Barbuzano, Apollonia barbujana, Palo Blanco Pexcelsa icconia Wild or Naranjero, Ilex mediation, all formerly used by locals.


  • Duration: 4 h
  • Distance: 7,6 km
  • Ramp: 234 m
  • Difficulty: drop


Plaza de Pedro Alvarez to 9:00 h


Proper footwear, ropa shelter, Sun protection, cap, water and picnic.

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